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Medical Billing Advocacy

 Looking for help to deal with your mounting Health care bills? Get free help. Contact us!

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Patients fighting cancer endure lot of hardships.  Your gift can help endure their battle.

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Need help understanding your medical bill?

Having medical bills to pay can be very stressful, especially if you are fighting a big illness away from family and friends.  Knowing everything about your medcial bill can be helpful.  It may reduce the cost of your bill.

We can help @ helptoendure

The bill(s) you receive after a medical procedure, hospital stay or treatment can be reconciled with the explanation of benefits (EOB) from your insurance carrier and that can decide the outcome of what you will ultimately have to pay.

Help to Endure, a community serivce project of Shirdi Sai Baba Sanstha, proivdes help to those in need of understanding various ways to resolve their unpaid medical bills and possibly reduce overall healthcare costs.  Upon authorization, individual cases are reviewed by certified medical billing experts, professionals in health care, legal and allied fields as needed.  Help to Endure provides initial review services at no charge.


We look for:

  • Errors in billing
  • Uncommonly high charges
  • Charges for tests that were cancelled
  • Codes used in billing match treatment you had
  • Errors due to mismatches

If required, we get help to provide medical cost advocacy or help pursue other available options for you. Based on individual patient's needs, agreed upon services provided by other professionals may incur costs.


You may consider medical biling help because...

You are worried about medical billis affecting your credit score

You are considering filing for bankruptcy due to medical expenses

Your bills seem outrageous

You have tried negotiating but it is not going anywhere

If you are in need of help, take the first step, fill out the request help form