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Meet Nimi who along with her family are struggling to survive. Nimi and such others are helped every month with groceries to help ease their dire situation.  With your help we could do more.

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Patients fighting cancer endure lot of hardships.  Your gift can help endure their battle.

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Annual Seeds of Love

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Cancer is a dreadful disease that not only strikes a patient but engulfs the entire family in its fold.  Getting diagnosed with Cancer means getting caught in a situation where there is no cure and a fight of hope against hope.  

In recent years, Cancer research has been aggressively pursued and new treatments are being discovered.  These new treatments are very costly and some of them are covered by insurance while others are not leaving the patient and family make tough choices.  The new affordable care act is supposed to provide some relief to patients with pre-existing conditions but how far it will help, time will tell.  As of now, there are new treatment protocols that are not included in health plans or approved by the Insurance carriers.  This proves to be a very big financial burden on the patient and family.

There is no cure for Cancer yet, but the longevity of the patient has been increased compared to past. As one embarks on the tough path ahead in the fight against this killer disease, a range of issues not just health related, but those impacting financial, emotional, physical, legal, family and other facets of life are impacted.

In such a difficult situation, if the patient and family happens to be a new immigrant, an international student or a visitor, the difficulties and pain are compounded by their change of life situations and one is left to endure the pain alone.  This is where Help To Endure focuses in providing relief, helping Cancer impacted patients and families, one at a time, and stay with them for the duration of their fight and helping them in any which way we can.

You can also join in this service by volunteering to work with such distressed families and by providing much needed financial support to help them.