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Medical Billing Advocacy

 Looking for help to deal with your mounting Health care bills? Get free help. Contact us!

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Help Fill Hungry Stomachs

Meet Nimi who along with her family are struggling to survive. Nimi and such others are helped every month with groceries to help ease their dire situation.  With your help we could do more.

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Help Cancer Patients Endure

Patients fighting cancer endure lot of hardships.  Your gift can help endure their battle.

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Give Now and join in efforts

Give for the Cause

You do not have to register to donate by Credit/Debit card. (see "Don't have a PayPal account?" on the PayPal checkout page)

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Annual Seeds of Love

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Volunteering opportunities are available in many ways. You may wish to devote time to help the needy or you may choose to contribute valuable financial or other resources to help us serve better or you may wish to join in community prayer for those in need.

Which ever way you decide to help, you can contribute and greatly help those in need. Counting our blessings and sharing that with others provides an inner joy that has to be experienced.

For volunteering opportunities, please contact us by email or call us at (224)36-MYSAI